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Satellite Beach Large Slip

This boathouse and boat lift in Satellite Beach was installed with a 13,000 lb high speed boat lift.  We installed the lift on independent pilings due to its high capacity.  Each lift piling was driven to refusal with a pneumatic piling hammer to ensure zero settling. We also installed the seawall prior to the dock installation.

Tortoise Island Boardwalk Combination

This is a boardwalk, dock, boathouse and boat lift on the grand canal in Satellite Beach featuring a landward deck area and a tile roof.

Tortoise Island Shoreline Dock

This boardwalk, deck, dock and boat lift in Satellite Beach was designed and installed around the existing mangrove growth and features Azek™ vinyl decking, a full lighting package and a 7,000 lb Platinum high profile boat lift.

Satellite Beach Kayak Dock

This dock and lift was specifically designed for kayak and paddleboard use.  It features an Alumavator lift with submersable deck installed the Thru-flow™ grated decking and two other lowered decks for easy access to the water.

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