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Southern Yellow Pine

1 is an eased edge #1 grade dense select structural southern yellow pine decking with no additional sealer applied.
 2 is an eased edge #1 grade dense select structural southern yellow pine decking with an additional oil based wood sealer applied.

Vinyl Decking Colors and Grains

Here are examples of vinyl decking which is available with several color and grain examples.

Unique Uses of Decking

14 & 15 illustrate vinyl decking installed on seating areas to match the walking surface and make for a comfortable and smooth bench.
16 shows vinyl decking used for the seawall cap to make for a seamless transition from the new dock.
17 & 18 – Vinyl skirting can be applied to the outer framing for a superior finished look on all surfaces and can also be used for gates, piling flutes, etc.
19 – Vinyl and composite 2x2s can be used when a picket handrail is installed to avoid weathering and twisting of wood pickets.
20 & 21 shows the use of an alternate colored decking used for a border to make this dock stand out from all others in the neighborhood.
22 & 23 are examples of grated decking is a great alternative and comes in durable fiber reinforced plastic.
24 – 26 – Heavy duty fiberglass used for an extremely strong and long lasting result

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