Our docks are built to last, and to admire. We go over and above with structural and cosmetic construction methods to achieve our goal. We start with installing 2.5 CCA treated Marine pilings set well below muck and silt levels into solid bottom to provide maximum resistance to storm surges, and we drill effectively through coquina rock when necessary. Our framing consists of doubled collar beams and 20 foot main stringers with the joints staggered as to not create a hinged framing area at any one piling set. Joiner blocks are also installed at all stringer joints and diagonal “X” bracing is installed below the deck level for added protection against side impact from waves and debris. The “X” bracing, beams and outer stringers are all through bolted to the pilings with stainless steel bolts.

At Land And Sea Marine, we use only stainless steel framing connectors, bolts, nails, screws and hardware on our docks. Don’t let anyone tell you that galvanized hardware on an open water dock will last for the long term… it won’t. Our stainless steel hardware has a superior lifespan

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