Our docks are built to last, and to admire. We go over and above with structural and cosmetic construction methods to achieve our goal. We start with installing 2.5 CCA treated Marine pilings set well below muck and silt levels into solid bottom to provide maximum resistance to storm surges, and we drill effectively through coquina rock when necessary. Our framing consists of doubled collar beams and 20 foot main stringers with the joints staggered as to not create a hinged framing area at any one piling set. Joiner blocks are also installed at all stringer joints and diagonal “X” bracing is installed below the deck level for added protection against side impact from waves and debris. The “X” bracing, beams and outer stringers are all through bolted to the pilings with stainless steel bolts.

At Land And Sea Marine, we use only stainless steel framing connectors, bolts, nails, screws and hardware on our docks. Don’t let anyone tell you that galvanized hardware on an open water dock will last for the long term… it won’t. Our stainless steel hardware has a superior lifespan

River Docks

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This is a weekenders paradise dock in Merritt Island featuring Azek™ vinyl decking, a custom standing seam metal roof, a 13,000 lb platinum lift, a kayak and paddleboard launch with grated decking and a full lighting package.

Here is a family dock in Melbourne Beach for all occaisions. It features fiberglass grated decking for flow through and durability, a large kayak and paddleboard launch with wide stairs, a 7,000 lb platinum series boat lift, a large enclosed seating area with a walk around fishing platform, a full lighting and electrical package and electrical package and a mill finished galvalume metal roof.

This is our completion of the new private dock at the Lake Adelaide Community in Viera. It features stainless steel cable rails, a custom standing seam metal roof, a large seating area, a hip roof with cupola and custom aluminum valance surrounding the deck area.

This is the private dock at the Riverwalk Community in Melbourne Beach. It features a wide approach to a covered seating area, a Kayak launch for the residents and structural bracing below deck for storm surge protection. All pilings were drilled through the existing natural coquina rock bed.

This is a family dock in Lansing Island featuring a 7,000 lb Platinum boat lift, Azek™ vinyl decking, a full handrail and a lowered boat access area.

This is a 300′ dock on Tropical Trail in Merritt Island with steps to the shoreline featuring Azek™ vinyl decking and a lowered boat access area.

We installed this large dock on Rocky Point Road in Malabar specifically for handicap access. It has a 5’wide approach with a wheel chair safe rail, a 7,000 lb pontoon lift and a mill finish Galvalume™ metal roof.

This is a classic dock with boathouse and seating area on Honeymoon Lake in Merritt Island. It features Azek™ vinyl decking, a 7,000 lb Platinum Series lift and a kayak and paddleboard launch.

This is a big boat dock off of Ballard Park in Melbourne built to withstand the harsh wind and waves of the open river.

Here is a 350′ Tortoise Island dock with a winding boardwalk and a 7,000 lb lift with a seating area.

Here is another Honeymoon Lake dock in Merritt Island featuring two boat slips, each with thier own lifts and a seating area. The entire area is covered with an L shaped hip roof.

This is a 400′ river dock in Melbourne featuring a 7,000 lb boat lift, a 1,500 lb PWC lift and a unique stairway over the rock revetment to the shoreline.

Here is another classic boaters dock in Melbourne with a seating area and boathouse with a 7,000 lb lift and a kayak and paddleboard launch.

This is a 200′ Indialantic dock with a full roofed slip and seating area including Azek™ vinyl decking and handrail and a 7,000 lb Platinmu series boat lift.

Here is a 300′ Melbourne Beach dock built to last with structural bracing below deck and all pilings drilled through the natural coquina rock layer.

This 240′ Lansing Island pier in Indian Harbour Beach in the Banana River gently passes through the existing Mangroves and features Azek™ vinyl decking and handrail, a comfortable seating area and a mill finish Galvalume metal roof.

This is a covered dock on the Grand Canal in Satellite Beach with a long stairway from the rear of the property over the natural rock shoreline. It features Timbertsch™ composite decking and handrail, as well as a kayak launch and bench seating.

Canal Docks

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This is a classic dock and boathouse with added features including a roof that extends partially over the deck area, a stepped down finger pier on the outside for easy boarding and loading and Azek™ vinyl decking throughout. The seawall that we installed on this project combines dock decking with the seawall cap to extend the usable space of the dock.

This dock and boathouse features a long kayak and paddleboard launch and eased edge #1 dense select structural (DSS) wood decking for a natural look.

This open dock and boat lift features a large deck area and kayak launch. We also installed the seawall in this project and installed the Azek™ vinyl decking throughout the seawall cap and dock.

Here is a unique dock and boathouse on the Grand Canal in Satellite Beach. It features an angled slip for ease of docking, Azek™ vinyl decking and a white standing seam metal roof.

This canal dock in Satellite Beach is a boaters paradise with Azek™ vinyl decking, a Platinum boat lift and two PWC lifts for the ultimate in watersports.

This spacious dock and boathouse on the Grand Canal in Satellite Beach sports a stepped entry and a serrated metal roof.

This unique dock and boathouse in Melbourne Beach has a large entry with angled deck and a new lift with kicked cradle beams for maximum lift use in a shallow shoreline.

This is a large open dock and lift in Indian Harbour Beach that features Azek™ vinyl decking, a stepped paddleboard launch and lighting througout.

This open dock in Melbourne Beach is the ultimate in longlasting and durable construction with Timberguard™ vinyl shrink wrapped pilings, Azek™ vinyl decking and frame skirting and a 20,000 lb Platinum boat lift.

Another great Land And Sea Marine seawall, dock and boathouse in Satellite Beach.

This unique seawall, dock, boardwalk, boathouse and boat lift in Melbourne Beach speaks for itself with Azek™ vinyl decking, a stepped kayak launch and a full lighting package.


Here’s a nice open dock and boat lift in Cocoa Beach that we installed after installing a flat panel concrete cap seawall.

This boathouse and boat lift in Satellite Beach was installed with a 13,000 lb high speed boat lift. We installed the lift on independant pilings due to its high capacity. Each lift piling was driven to refusal with a pneumatic piling hammer to ensure zero settling. We also installed the seawall prior to the dock installation.

This is a boardwalk, dock, boathouse and boat lift on the grand canal in Satellite Beach featuring a landward deck area and a tile roof.

This boardwalk, deck, dock and boat lift in Satellite Beach was designed and installed around the existing mangrove growth and features Azek™ vinyl decking, a full lighting package and a 7,000 lb Platinum high profile boat lift.

This dock and lift was specifically designed for kayak and paddleboard use. It features an Alumavator lift with a submersable deck installed with Thru-flow™ grated decking and two other lowered decks for easy acces to the water.


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Eased edge #1 grade dense select structural southern yellow pine decking with no additional sealer applied

Eased edge #1 grade dense select structural southern yellow pine decking with an additional oil based wood sealer applied

Vinyl decking with several color and grain examples…

Vinyl decking with a hidden fastener system. We recommend that hidden fasteners be used in an environment that is not exposed to waves and severe weather

Vinyl decking installed on seating areas to match the walking surface and make for a comfortable and smooth bench

Vinyl decking is also used for the seawall cap to make for a seamless transition from the new dock.

Vinyl skirting can be applied to the outer framing for a superior finished look on all surfaces and can also be used for gates, piling flutes, etc.

Vinyl and composite 2x2s can be used when a picket handrail is installed to avoid weathering and twisting of wood pickets.

An alternate colored decking was used here for a border to make this dock stand out from all others in the neighborhood.

Grated decking is a great alternative and comes in durable fiber reinforced plastic..

Or heavy duty fiberglass for an extremely strong and long lasting result….

Special Features

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White nylon double yacht braid rope handrail

Top rail only

Full top and lower side rial

Vinyl clad top handrail

Bartop rail

Full picket handrail

The following is a wide assortment off kayak and paddleboard launches from many different applications

Stepped down outer finger pier

Basic dock bench with handrail backrest

Dock bench with angled backrest

Stand alone bench with angled backrest and matching table

Curved dock bench with angled backrest

Dock bench with picket handrail backrest

Custom built adirondack seating with joining cocktail table

Aluminum retractable dock ladder

Aluminum retractable dock ladder

Dock with custom privacy gate

Custom double privacy gate

Vinyl fluted pilings

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